The Newlywed Game – Deluxe Edition

The Newlywed Game is the classic game of love and laughter! It’s couple versus couple in this home version of the eternally entertaining game show where you’ll discover how much you really know or don’t know about your significant other. This Newlywed Game Deluxe Edition features a question booklet with over 600 questions for classic play as well as a DVD for an interactive experience with Bob Eubanks and couples from the TV game show!For 1 – 4 couples, ages 18 and up.

Product Features

  • Host Bob Eubanks and 60’s couples for the original TV show make this game a hoot!
  • Play with friends of against couples on your TV.
  • Booklet with 600 questions included.
  • Eternally entertaining games for couples of all ages.
  • Deluxe Newly Wed game is the best wedding gift ever!

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