Square Deal Online DV2R07CL 7mm Double Clear DVD Cases with Wrap Around Sleeve, Pack of 100

These boxes have a full wrap around sleeve. They are 7mm thick, less than half the size of a standard DVD box! Perfect for cutting down the storage space needed for your collection! The cases hold 2 DVDs in half the size of a standard DVD case!

Clear is perfect for showcasing double sided artwork in DVD cases!

These are the same DVD cases that come with most box sets! Replace your scuffed up and dirty cases with these bright and new ones!

Includes 10 Free Paper Inserts to Label Your Cases!

Product Features

  • Replace your broken or scratched DVD Boxes
  • 7mm Thick (half the size of a standard DVD Case)
  • Full, Clear Wrap Around Sleeve Lets You Put in Front Paper!
  • Off Set Hubs
  • Perfect for Showcasing Double Sided Artwork

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