She Wanted a Boss, but Fell for A Savage 2: The Finale

Hurt, deceived, and betrayed, were just a few words to sum up the emotions that coursed through Osari’s veins. Upon discovering that Ace, the man of her dreams was married. Osari finds herself filled with resentment forcing her to do the unthinkable, despite the hurtful impact it would have on Ace. To her, his feelings didn’t matter since hers didn’t. Although she was the deceiving party in her marriage, CiCi returns with vengeances, if she couldn’t have her husband, no one else could. Sucked in the middle of a toxic love triangle, Ace finds himself trying to keep his sanity. Discovering that Osari intentionally tried to hurt him forces him to look at CiCi in a new light. Will he work things out with his first love, his wife, CiCi? Or will he forgive Osari and work things out with her?

They say good things don’t last forever and that just may be true for Kalani and Yoda. At her wits end with her incarcerated boyfriend, Money, Yoda comes in with perfect timing sweeping her off of her feet. He was able to ease into her heart smoothing away the kinks Money left behind. When Money unexpectedly returns home from jail, Kalani finds herself in an emotional turmoil caused by being in love with two men. She loves Money in a way no one but herself understands after all he was her first, everything. Although Kalani held an undying loyalty to Money, Yoda was something fresh, someone she could be her true self with. Yoda was more entuned with Kalani, he had the ability to figure her out in ways Money couldn’t quite understand. Yoda and Kalani had grown pass sex, in a blink of an eye the two had fallen in too deep. As Kalani tries to juggle two men, she finds herself in a deadly situation. The say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but happens when a man is equally scorned?

Life couldn’t get any crazier for Bunny, or so she thought. Guilt stricken over robbing her ex-boyfriend, Jay, Bunny finds herself in a bind especially since she’s forced to believe he wants nothing to do their unborn child. When Terror, one of Jay’s colleagues, swoops in, catering to her every need, Bunny finds herself wanting him in every way possible despite the blurred lines them being together would cross. Her gut screamed something with Terror was off, but her heart so desperately craved the attention he gave her. Throwing caution to the wind, Bunny finds herself prematurely falling for Terror, a mysterious gangsta she barely knew anything about. When the truth behind Terror’s true intentions began to surface Bunny finds herself in the same situation the left her scarred in the beginning, loving the wrong man.

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