Lesley-Anne Down (Night Trap), gives a riveting performance (L.A. Weekly) and Pierce Brosnan (The World Is Not Enough) proves himself a top talent (Judith Crist) in ‘the moststylish supernatural-themed chiller’since Carrie (Variety)! Writer/director John McTiernan (The Thomas Crown Affair, Die Hard), assisted by a haunting score from OscarÂ(r) winner* Bill Conti (Rocky), delivers a chiller thriller [that’s] brimming with menace and suspense (Judith Crist)! They creep. They kill and no one knows who they are or where theycame from. But when these rootless, demonic spirits descend on a determined doctor, all hell breaksloose. Bitten by a dying madman named Jean Pommier (Brosnan), Dr. Eileen Flax (Down) becomes the vessel for his turbulent and insane thoughts. Thrust into his last days, she is shocked to discover the existence of mysterious and murderous demons on a quest for destruction and begins her own quest to somehow stop before she joins Pommier in his horrifying fate! *1983: Original Score, The RightStuffPierce Brosnan, bloody and beaten and hysterically screaming in French, whispers a word, Innuat, into the ear of emergency-room physician Lesley-Anne Down and promptly dies. John McTiernan (Die Hard) knows how to kick off a movie, and his directorial debut, Nomads, shows a real flair for visual tension and eerie imagery. For reasons never explained, Down relives the final days of anthropologist Brosnan in mind-jolting flashes of memories that send her stumbling across L.A. and into the path of a demonic gang of black-leather punks (led by cult singer Adam Ant). McTiernan’s ambition overreaches his abilities–the muddled story depends on smart people doing dumb things, and the hints of personalities merging in Down’s tormented psyche remain frustratingly unexplored–but his sense of mood and mystery created solely out of suggestion is unerring. There’s a fascinating movie lost in the confusion of this unsettling supernatural thriller. –Sean Axmaker

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  • Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk DOES NOT have English audio and subtitles.

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