Magic Mike Likey’s Top Ten Favorite Magic-Tricks

Television’s Magic Mike Likey shares his top ten favorite magic-tricks with us! You’ll learn how to cut a rope in half and then magically restore it! You’ll be able to predict the name of a card before it’s selected from a normal pack of cards! You’ll learn how to make coins appear, disappear, and multiply! You’ll be able to make sponge balls disappear, jump from under one cup to another, and much more! As a BONUS, you’ll learn invaluable sleight-of-hand with coins and cards, which you’ll use forever. Professional magician Magic Mike Likey had the world’s longest-running, regularly-produced television show about magic. He also toured North America with his “Kiddie Cabaret” and “Magic Circus” shows. Today, besides performing his live concerts for families and audiences of all ages, he produces podcast and web-series versions of his original TV-show, has an online magic-shop of his original tricks, an animated series of short “Adventures Of Young Magic Mike”, childrens books, a music CD, and more. Visit the official castle site here: http://magicmikescastle.weebly.com

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