Easy Ways on How To Increase Search Engine Ranking

You’ve probably gotten emails about webinars or software updates and plug-ins. Did you get to read them before you deleted them? If you’re a webmaster, one of your goals is to increase search engine ranking of your site. Studies have shown that most people who search will only look at the first page of search engine results. And from there, they would only click at the top 3. So whatever it takes to increase search engine ranking for sites you own, you have to do it. Except black hat and gaming the system.

Here’s why black hat and gaming Google or other search engines does not work anymore. They have engineers and tech people who work on code and algorithm tweaks day in and day out. They are 10 steps ahead of any webmaster. They know code that will cull out the bad sites from the good sites. And they also work on getting good sites good positions in search engine results.

Which brings us back to the webinars and plug ins on how to increase search engine ranking. Not all of the gurus are talking the talk and not doing it. I have come across some great webinars hosted by developers and you really can learn a thing or two about ranking and traffic. In fact, if you follow one and ask questions, there will be tips for you that you can use. Again, not all webinars and ranking plug-ins are bad, but you have to do some work to get to the good ones.