Compare Batman Vs Superman

Everyone likes the DC Comic Superheroes as they are amazing with astounding with their superhero ability and storyline. Two of the top most superhero legends are superman and batman. These two are the greatest heroes of all time with high end abilities for defeating the villains in the extreme condition.


Batman Character was created by Bob Kane along with the writer Bill Finger. In May 1939, Batman first appeared the Detective Comics #27. The Batman is the everyday identity of the Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is the wealthy businessman living in the Gotham City and Wayne averts the suspicion with acting the role of the superficial and dim witted playboy with his family fortune. So, you can also draw batman step by step

Batman is well known for these amazing abilities of defeating the villains in the unique style. Some of the abilities of batman are

  • Genius-level intellect
  • Peak physical and mental conditioning
  • Use of high-tech equipment
  • Weapons specialist
  • Armors & gadgets
  • Strategist
  • Master martial artist
  • Swordsman

Batman is alter ego of the Bruce Wayne who is the American billionaire playboy, philanthropist and industrialist. After Bruce Wayne witnessing the murder of parents in childhood, he swore for getting revenge on all the criminals in the city. Bruce Wayne trained himself hard with both of the physical and intellectual ability for defeating the enemies in Gotham City as Batman.

Batman v Superman

Man Of Steel:

Superman was born as Kal-El on Krypton planet but his father sent him as the baby boy to earth moments before the destruction of the planet. Superman adopted by human parents and named Clark Kent in Smallville. As an adult, He developed a strong sense of justice and Clark Kent typically works as the News Paper Reporter at Daily Planet. Superman has many superpowers that includes

  • God level strength
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Invulnerability to temperature
  • Super breath
  • Vacuum
  • multiple sensory powers
  • Thermal projection

With the superhuman power, the Superman helps the people with his might with the blue and red caped clothes. No one identifies the Clark Kent as Superman as he disguise himself to the outer world. Superman forms the alliance with many other superhero thus forming the Justice League and many other groups for fighting evil in the earth. With the superspeed, telescopic vision and freezing breath, Superman fights the evil without any hassle.

Batman Vs Superman:

Originally Superman was rough and aggressive without any moral code but he developed an idealized code of conduct prohibiting him from ever killing. Superman is seen as a brave hero with the sense of justice. Superman’s allies include Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and many more. Batman is dark and brooding hero with vendetta against injustice. Batman was traumatized murder of his parents that are suspicious and untrust everyone expect butler Alfred, Robin as well as Batgirl. Batman never kills his enemies under any circumstances. Batman do not possess superpowers but he fights using his intellect, science and technology, detective skills as well as great wealth. If both the superhero clashes and who would win unknown with great destruction.