Do you want unique ringtones?

Compose your own ringtones!

As we all know that we can change the ringtone on our cell phone by buying a ringtone online. Actually, there are a lot of websites that will sell you wallpaper or ringtone; however the rates vary from $0.99 to $2.99 and in majority of cases will charge on your cell phone bill.

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One thing we have observed though is that although we can select from 100’s of ringtone websites, majority of these websites are selling the same selection of ringtones. Hence, in my personal search to make my cellular phone, & hence, I have a unique ringtone, I have searched myself limited to the same assortment of 1000’s of decent ringtones.

Finally a smart software companies have now developed ringtone composer that will allow us to make ringtones of our own choice? From our own collection of MP3s or CDs. One such ringtone composer product is Ringtone Media Studio, developed by “Avanquest Software”. ‘Ringtone Media Studio’ actually includes 3 different studios; the Video & Image studios to create cellular videos & wallpapers and Audio Studio for the creation of ringtones.

Taking the distinctive factor one step ahead, the Audio-Studio also comprises a mixer so one might custom arrange their ringtone & create something completely new stuffs. With the introduction of software such as ‘Ringtone Media Studio’, manual mixing of ringtones has become so famous that the term Ringtone DJ has been coined. So, has the creation of mobile ringtones become a skill form? We say most definitely especially for those creative types; as ringtone creation can be seen as an offshoot of the skill of record spinning.

Even for those not so creative types, creating ringtones is easy & to some extent addicting many of us spent over 4 hours creating ringtones from the 5500+ piece ‘Online Media Library’ which is included with ‘Ringtone Media Studio’. Hence now that music lovers can create their own ringtones from their MP3 & CDs collections, what does this mean to the ‘Music Industry’? Which presently views ringtones as recovery from their fall in sales?


Before a ringtone can be made, so could not that be possible that ringtone composer software could actually raise music sales? Actually, rather than just purchasing a CD & leaving it in their player for months, users can now transfer it to their computers, transfer it to their Ipod & now even compose a ringtones.