Buttswipes WIPING DOWN WITH THE KARDASHIANS Toilet Paper Funny Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer

Makes a perfect gag gift or stocking stuffer this Christmas! Could even be a tree ornament!

OMG. Literally, this product should’ve come out like, 10+ years ago. Not to be dramatic or anything, but like, why has it taken sooo long? It seems sooooo shady, right? But, like, whateves. It’s here now, so let’s not make a big deal out of it. OMG! This makes them look sooooo bad! I literally can’t even!

Each roll is individually shrink-wrapped with its own color label. 160 sheets per roll with the image of the Kardashian Family printed on every sheet. Rumor has it that it’s Taylor Swift and Amber Rose’s tp of choice!

Printed on virgin pulp paper with food-grade ink so it’s actually safe to use! Also, all the pics are ACTUAL PHOTOS of the item, UNLIKE the other t.p. sellers who Photoshop images onto a blank roll. Their rolls aren’t shrink-wrapped and it’s printed on cheap, single-ply napkin textured paper. Take a look for yourself!

Type in “Buttswipes” in the search box to see toilet paper featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, OJ Simpson, Vladimir Putin, etc!

Buttswipes– a gift that truly leaves its mark!

Product Features

  • KIM, KOURTNEY, KHLOE, KYLIE, KENDALL & KRIS printed on every sheet!
  • 160 SHEETS per roll; 3-PLY toilet paper; printed with FOOD-GRADE INK
  • PERFECT GAG GIFT for both fans and haters of the Kardashians!
  • DO A #2 ON AMERICA’S #1 most annoying family!

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