Best of the Best 2

In this action-packed sequel to the smash hit “Best Of The Best,” karate champions Alex (Eric Roberts) and Tommy (Phillip Rhee) enter the world of underground fighting when their friend is killed in an illegal arena called The Coliseum. Here there are no rules, and Tommy and Alex are viciously attacked when they attempt to seek justice. Running for their lives, the two men seek refuge in the desert where they train in the ancient Native American tradition for a final battle – one for honor, revenge and survival.In this elaborate 1993 sequel to the 1989 karate-action feature, three masters and friends lose one of their own when Travis (Chris Penn) is killed during an illegal fight held in a secret society for gladiators (and well-heeled spectators) operating within a dance club. His death comes at the hands of a chemically-altered super-fighter, Brakus (Ralph Moeller), and is witnessed by the son (Edan Gross) of Travis’ black-belt pal, Alex (Eric Roberts). Alex and Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee) try to get to the bottom of Travis’ demise, but find themselves running instead from the club’s owner (Wayne Newton), who sends an army of killers to take out Walter and the others. The only solution for the good guys: take on Brakus, a process that involves special training from an unlikely source and a lot of dodging of various villains. Best of the Best director Bob Radler returns for another round with some of the same characters, and delivers a crisp and engaging revenge story with an above-average respect for the audience’s intelligence. –Tom Keogh

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