7-Inch Stereo Touch Screen Double Din Radio with Bluetooth – Unplug

Unplug’s 7-Inch Stereo Touchscreen Double Din Radio with Bluetooth is a great way to update your vehicle’s entertainment system. The 7-inch LCD stereo touchscreen displays video in high definition 800×480 resolution. Connect your vehicle’s rearview backup camera to the stereo to display the rearview camera on this HD screen. This full-view angle screen puts all the controls at your fingertips and creates an excellent viewing experience for you and your passengers. The car stereo supports playback of RMVB/RM/VOB/DIVX/AVI/ASF/3GP video file formats, giving you a variety of options to enjoy your favorite video clips and movies. Sync your iPhone or Android to the stereo via the car Bluetooth deck and enjoy hands-free phone calls and music. This clear connection will allow you to use your smartphone without obstructing your hands. This car stereo has the input function to connect to built-in steering wheel controls, giving you a convenient way to control music playback and hands-free phone calls. When you don’t want to use Bluetooth, try the USB 2.0 port or AUX input to play music from your favorite device. This versatile stereo supports playback of many audio file formats including MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APP and more. If you prefer to listen to the radio, choose between AM and FM radio and listen to your favorite station. Using the touchscreen or the full IR wireless remote, create the perfect audio experience. Change the EQ scenario mode between classical, pop, rock, flat, or DSP off to bring out the best of your speakers. Further customize your listening experience by adjusting the treble, bass, and balance to meet your musical preferences. Please note, there is no room to insert DVDs and CDs, but there are plenty of options to play your favorite playlists, podcasts, and videos from multiple devices in various formats. The many listening options and connection types make this versatile double din stereo a quality way to upgrade your vehicle’s entertainment system.

Product Features

  • HIGH DEFINITION TFT TOUCHSCREEN – The 7-inch high definition touchscreen displays video in 800×480 resolution. The in-dash panel places this HD LCD screen at a full viewing angle, allowing you and your passengers to easily view video, controls, and time. This car stereo touchscreen allows you to easily control all functions of the stereo as well as video and audio playback options.
  • MP5 AND MP3 CAR STEREO PLAYER WITH BLUETOOTH – This versatile car stereo supports MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APP audio file formats and more. Play your favorite audio files from devices like iPhone, Android, and MP3 via the Bluetooth, USB port, AUX input, or TF Card slot. Use the Bluetooth option to get a strong connection for music playback and hands-free phone calls while driving.
  • STEERING WHEEL AND REARVIEW CAMERA FUNCTION – Our car stereo can be connected to your vehicle’s steering wheel controls and rearview camera. Maintain the convenient functionality if your car’s steering wheel controls your stereo. View your rearview camera using the 7-inch HD LCD screen to help you reverse your vehicle safely by connecting to the camera input during installation.
  • HD VIDEO PLAYBACK – The high-quality 7-inch LCD touchscreen supports video playback of video file formats such as RMVB/RM/VOB/DIVX/AVI /ASF/3GP and more. The support of these various file formats allows you to play your favorite videos in high definition for the enjoyment of your passengers. The full-view angle of this screen makes it easy for all passengers to view the in-dash screen.
  • INFRARED WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL – Use the wireless remote control to change songs, skip videos, or adjust the volume of your stereo system from anywhere in your car. If you are playing a video for your passengers, allow those riding in the backseat to be in control by handing them the wireless remote. Use the remote to skip, pause, mute, and turn the power to your stereo on or off.

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