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The Nubians Of Plutonia + Bad And Beautiful + 2 Bonus Tracks

The complete Sun Ra album The Nubians of Plutonia(originally issued as The Lady with the Golden Stockings, El Saturn 406). As a bonus, we have added the LP Bad and Beautiful (El Saturn 532) in its entirety, as well as two rare songs originally issued as singles. Includes 12-page booklet

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Space Is the Place

Format: Music CD, Impulse Records. Jazz music CD release from Sun Ra with the album Space Is The Place. Released on the label Impulse Records. Jazz music CD. This hard to find pre-owned music CD is fully guaranteed.

Product Features

  • Jazz music CD
  • +Jazz+Music
  • Jazz

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AT-A-GLANCE Pocket Diary 2017, Weekly / Monthly, Fine Diary, 2-3/4 x 4-1/4″, Color Selected For You May Vary (720100)

At-A-Glance fine diary weekly/monthly pocket diary is a sophisticated way to track appointments and plan for the future wherever you go. 12 months from January – December displayed on a two page per week format that features lined planning space for each day, including weekends, to write in to-do’s, notes and reminders. Current and future month reference calendars on weekly pages for quick date checking. Two page per month calendar spreads feature unruled daily blocks, with half size blocks for Saturday/Sunday, to mark Key dates and events. Includes bonus pages for future year planning, telephone/address pages and reference pages. The permanent pages let you keep records that can be referenced year after year. Top of the line quality and beautiful black or Burgundy cover with European style. Perforated page corners make it easy to navigate, opening quickly to the right week and month. Julian dates. Page size 2.75 in. X 4.25 in. Overall size 3 in. X 4.5 in. X 5/16 in.

Product Features

  • January – December weekly and monthly calendars let you schedule appointments and long-term plans in one place. Two page per week format features open scheduling with lined planning space for each day, including weekends.
  • Current and future month reference calendars on weekly pages for quick date checking. Two page per month calendar spreads feature unruled daily blocks, with half size blocks for Saturday / Sunday, to mark key dates and events
  • Page size 2.75 in. x 4.25 in. to fit diary in a pocket or purse. Overall size 3 in. x 4.5 in. x.31 in.
  • Book bound for a European style that keeps your important information permanently in one place. Bonus pages are included: Future year planning, telephone / address pages and reference pages to help keep you effective and organized
  • Perforated page corners make it easy to find the current month and week by tearing off corners as dates pass. Please note color choice is not available to customer, the color will be selected at random for you.

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Automobile Vehicle parking Aids

Car parking helps can be extremely beneficial gadgets in order to help motorists to reverse their auto, specifically when a specific area that the vehicle driver is trying to park in is limited as well as, as a result, tough to browse right into. These gadgets are, nevertheless, just suggested has a help (as the name recommends) as well as never ever a substitute for the Eco-friendly Cross Code means of owning a cars and truck. Various other automobiles might have these gadgets fitted however the emphasis of this write-up is car park aid tools for cars and trucks. Contact valet parking service nj for your parking needs.

An option to having among these tools mounted is to have a video camera behind the automobile and also a display in the console of the cars and truck. Once again this must be a help instead of a substitute permanently driving. Vehicle drivers need to not come to be reliant on these tools as well as ought to constantly own securely. Suppose motorist that had come to be utilized to such a tool and after that determined to own a various auto which really did not have a car auto parking help tool fitted? The vehicle driver might be deprived by their dependence on the system as well as need to relearn typical owning strategies. I prefer to consider these gadgets as being non-functional calls for that can be offered on an automobile, points making life that little less complicated or a good product that places the crowning achievement and also includes that added little bit of deluxe to the owning experience. These gadgets are clearly not as important as a guiding wheel (or owning wheel if you read this short article from The U.S.A.) however rather a legitimate as well as helpful enhancement to an automobile.

So if you have an interest in having such a gadget fitted retrospectively after that you could have this done at a relied on car parking help fitters. Aftermarkets gadgets are offered in different kinds as well as you just need to ask family members, buddies, coworkers, etc that they advise to fit such a gadget to your lorry. References are a preferred approach of obtaining brand-new service so great fitters will certainly be popular for doing an excellent task of providing and also setting up an auto parking aid gadget.

Dakota Born (The Dakota Series)

Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. A second-chance town! 

Like many small towns, Buffalo Valley is dying. Stores are boarded up, sidewalks are cracked, houses are in need of a coat of paint. But despite all that, there’s a spirit of hope here, of defiance. The few people still left here are fighting for their town. 

Lindsay Snyder is a newcomer. She’s an outsider, even though she spent childhood vacations here. Now she returns to see the family house again, to explore family secrets and to reevaluate her life. And soon after she arrives, she meets a local farmer named Gage Sinclair… 

Lindsay decides to stay in North Dakota. Her decision marks a new beginning for Buffalo Valley and for her. Because in this broken little town she discovers the love and purpose she’s been seeking.

Setting: Buffalo Valley, North Dakota
Sensuality Rating: 3

In Dakota Born, veteran author Debbie Macomber introduces readers to the town of Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, a struggling farming community. Buffalo Valley is dying. But its citizens won’t give up on the town where generations have lived, loved, raised families, worked hard, and died. When Savannah-born Lindsay Snyder decides to accept the teaching position in Buffalo Valley, she brings a breath of fresh air with her. Lindsay is trying to escape a stalled romance and learn more about her family, especially her grandmother Gina, who lived her entire life in the tiny town. Buffalo Valley has its share of characters, including Hassie Knight, the matriarch of this small community; Buffalo Bob Carr, the ex-biker who won the local watering hole in a poker game; and Gage Sinclair, the handsome farmer whose roots are deeply planted in the fertile soil of this North Dakota village. But Gage refuses to believe that Lindsay will find any reason to stay so far from the bright lights of the big city she recently called home. And Lindsay despairs that Gage will never comprehend that she has the best reason to remain–love, for him. With its many story lines, Dakota Born is more novel than romance, but Macomber’s loyal enthusiasts and those new to Macomber’s magic touch will be rooting for the little town that won’t say die. –Alison Trinkle

Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. A second-chance town! 

Like many small towns, Buffalo Valley is dying. Stores are boarded up, sidewalks are cracked, houses are in need of a coat of paint. But despite all that, there’s a spirit of hope here, of defiance. The few people still left here are fighting for their town. 

Lindsay Snyder is a newcomer. She’s an outsider, even though she spent childhood vacations here. Now she returns to see the family house again, to explore family secrets and to reevaluate her life. And soon after she arrives, she meets a local farmer named Gage Sinclair… 

Lindsay decides to stay in North Dakota. Her decision marks a new beginning for Buffalo Valley and for her. Because in this broken little town she discovers the love and purpose she’s been seeking.

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If Not for You: A Novel

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Debbie Macomber has written an emotionally stirring novel that shows how sometimes a choice can seem wrong even though it’s absolutely right.

If not for her loving but controlling parents, Beth Prudhomme might never have taken charge of her life and moved from her native Chicago to Portland, Oregon, where she’s reconnected with her spirited Aunt Sunshine and found a job as a high school music teacher. If not for her friend Nichole, Beth would never have met Sam Carney, although first impressions have left Beth with serious doubts. Sam is everything Beth is not—and her parents’ worst nightmare: a tattooed auto mechanic who’s rough around the edges. Reserved and smart as a whip, Beth isn’t exactly Sam’s usual beer-drinking, pool-playing type of woman, either.

But if not for an awkward setup one evening, Beth might never have left early and been involved in a car crash. And if not for Sam—who witnessed the terrifying ordeal, rushed to her aid, and stayed with her until help arrived—Beth might have been all alone, or worse. Yet as events play out, Sam feels compelled to check on Beth almost daily at the hospital—even bringing his guitar to play songs to lift her spirits. Soon their unlikely friendship evolves into an intense attraction that surprises them both.

Before long, Beth’s strong-willed mother, Ellie, blows into town spouting harsh opinions, especially about Sam, and reopening old wounds with Sunshine. When shocking secrets from Sam’s past are revealed, Beth struggles to reconcile her feelings. But when Beth goes a step too far, she risks losing the man and the life she’s come to love.

Praise for If Not for You

“[An] uplifting and deliciously romantic tale with vibrant characters and a wide range of emotions.”—RT Book Reviews
“A heartwarming story of forgiveness and unexpected love.”—Harlequin Junkie
“A fun, sweet read.”—Publishers Weekly

Product Features


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Barbie The Princess and The Popstar Tori Doll

Barbie The Princess and the Popstar Doll Collection: From the all new Barbie movie, Barbie The Princess and the Popstar, this princess and pop star definitely know how to rock a look. Princess Tori looks gorgeous in her full-length princess gown, and Popstar Keira is ready to rock in her great pop-star outfit. Dolls cannot stand alone. Each doll sold separately, collect them both.

Features include:

  • Inspired by the new animated Barbie movie, Barbie The Princess and the Popstar
  • Girls will love playing out their favorite scenes from the movie
  • This princess and popstar definitely know how to rock a look
  • Princess Tori is dressed in her full-length princess gown
  • Includes doll, tiara and microphone
  • Recommended Ages: 3-10 years
  • Product Dimensions: 5 by 2.38 by 12.75 inches

Product Features

  • Inspired by the new animated Barbie movie, Barbie The Princess and the Popstar
  • Girls will love playing out their favorite scenes from the movie
  • This princess and popstar definitely know how to rock a look
  • Princess Tori is dressed in her full-length princess gown
  • Includes doll, tiara and microphone

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Superstar Barbie Doll – Wal*Mart Special Edition (1993)

1993 Walmart Superstar Barbie Doll

Product Features

  • The winner is… Barbie! Comes with award statue
  • Sparkly pink gown
  • Includes a Barbie movie poster

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Quick Download For Public Records Arizona

Arizona is one of the may state that has implemented a law about its public records. The implementation of such law has allowed the local residents to easily access any of their Public Records Arizona has issued under their name. With this, it becomes easier for the government to track the incidents and activities of its local residents and even the officials.

There are a lot of public documents in Arizona. It can be any document that has a significant importance such as a birth certificate. Each person has a birth certificate and this is issued at the time of birth. Such record is used in a number of transactions in the government. Birth certificates are used as a valid proof of identification. There are also other kinds of documents available such as the marriage license, death certificates and divorce papers. There is also one type of document that has been opened to the public and that is the criminal records. This document contains information that is sensitive and used by authorized individuals when checking the background of an individual.

In order to get a copy of any of the public document, it is advisable to file the request at the office where the event or incident took place. Knowing where it can be obtained can help lessen the time for the retrieval of the document. Certificates of birth, marriage, death and divorce are available at the office of the Vital Records Section. It is also available at the office of the county clerk at the county of occurrence. The office of the Department of public Safety is where the criminal records of the state are managed. The office of the county court can also provide a copy f the criminal record. Going to the office is not the only option since the public document can be obtained by sending a mail request. Unfortunately, it is not the fastest method to get a copy of the file.

One should know the requirements in obtaining for a copy of a public document. The basic details of the document being requested such as the name, place and date has to be provided. This can help speed up the retrieval process. The retrieval of a public document would require the contact details of the one who requested for the document. Such information will only be used to monitor the access to the file.

The processing fee would not be the same for the retrieval of the documents. It can cost as low as $5 ad as much as $50 depending on the type of request made. Requesting for a criminal record is costly especially if it was for a fingerprint search. Name based search is also available for a much cheaper price.

The use of the Internet has made the sharing of information fast and easy. The public records in Arizona can now be requested online. This makes the retrieval convenient and time saving. The results of the search are obtained in just seconds instead of days and there is no need to go to any office just to file the request. There are websites that offer to conduct a free government public records search. Residents of Arizona prefer to go for the paid search to ensure that they get quality results.

Quick Search On Public Arrest Records New York Online

In spite of how dangerous the society is today, you cannot blame your misfortune on anyone else. Basically, that is because sufficient precautionary measures are provided by each state in America for the well-being of the public. In the case of New York State, access to Public Arrest Records New York is given to everyone to make background checks much easier and quicker than ever.

Obtaining such sort of information from this state only requires a few things to be accomplished by the requester. First of all, it’s necessary to secure the name and estimated age of the person in question. Make sure you got the correct spelling of his or her complete name; or else, you may not get the exact report you need. Other helpful details are the individual’s middle initial and present residential address.

The Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) of New York serves as the state’s database which maintains and updates data on criminal history of all residents of this nation. This office receives bits of information regarding arrests, dispositions and convictions as reported by the different law enforcement agencies and criminal justice offices of the state. The gathered information on arrest is then listed and updated in the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).

By state law, only requests for personal arrest document are permitted. That means that folks wanting to view another person’s file will not be allowed to do so. To order a personal record, obtain a Record Review Packet from the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Adhere with the given instructions and provide the application packet together with the fingerprint identification card and the charge of $50 to the Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Going through all these procedures can be quite time-consuming. The good news, however, is that such information has already been transferred in the Internet for a more effortless and quicker acquisition. Searchers can choose from either governmental websites, which usually provide the information for free, or those commercial service providers online that necessitate a small fee for that premium support they extend.

Most online users opt to rout out Arrest Records through a paid private information provider these days. Why not? They furnish the most reliable and complete report you need within a very short period of time for a cheap cost. More often than not, this type of account is used to run background checks on suspicious individuals or confirm the trustworthiness of a job applicant or even a friend, a new neighbor or a co-worker.

Before He Cheats

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Best of Carrie Underwood

From Idol beginnings to chart-topping success, Carrie Underwood is a country music superstar.

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Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2007 (Plume Paperback)

The 2007 edition of Leonard Maltin’s definitive bestselling guide to the movies

Since its first edition decades ago, Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide has been the standard bearer for cinematic reference books. The 2007 edition of this essential movielover’s companion includes hundreds of new entries, with capsule reviews and comprehensive information on date of release, running time, cast and crew, and MPAA ratings. Within this compact volume, you’ll find:

• Listings for over 17,000 movies, including more than 300 new entries
• Authoritative notations on format availability (DVD, video, and laser disc)
• Up-to-date indices of top directors and actors
• Maltin’s “Fifty Best Films on DVD” and “Fifty More Films You May Have Missed”

From the masterpieces of classic cinema, to cutting-edge independent films, to the latest summer blockbusters, Leonard Maltin’s 2007 Movie Guide is truly “the best organized . . . the most complete” (Newsday).

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Leonard Maltin’s 2014 Movie Guide: The Modern Era (Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide)

The definitive New York Times bestselling guide to the movies

Now that online streaming has become a reality, more and more Americans are opting to watch movies at home. And with Netflix and Hulu delivering literally thousands of options at the touch of a button, the only question is: What should I watch? For decades, Leonard Maltin has been America’s most trusted film critic and whether you’re in the mood for Hollywood hit or a little-known gem, his bestselling guide can help you make a satisfying choice. Listed alphabetically, each movie entry includes:

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Great Choice after the Holidays are Valet Solutions

So the vacations more than and also you are currently taking into consideration whether to have your vehicle cleaned up by a mobile cars and truck valeting business. That is definitely a sensible concept, particularly if your automobile has actually withstood the components thus far as well as you will certainly have to utilize much more after the vacations. Contact valet parking nj for your parking needs.

Lots of people doubt the effectiveness of mobile auto valeting solutions after the vacations, yet what’s what is that the moment is equally as excellent as any type of to schedule a solution. Although you could seem like you must count on your standard auto laundry to cleanse your vehicle, there are some disagreements directing to working with a valeting solution:

You get it done at your house – no one prefers to leave their residence, specifically when it is just to obtain the cars and truck cleaned up. That recognizes exactly how chilly it is outdoors as well as what state the roadways remain in. There may be snow and also ice and also the projection could not be appealing. To prevent this issue completely, you could in fact have your auto cleansed at your very own house, since that is exactly what mobile auto valeting is everything about. It is a big advantage, which you could make the most of quickly after the vacations.

You could concentrate on various other jobs – given that you do not need to lose time obtaining the vehicle to the vehicle clean, you could really obtain various other job done. This consists of spending some time to remainder after the busy Xmas and also New Year Eve’s occasions as well as probably obtaining something performed in your house. Besides, if you held an event there, it is possibly a good idea to concentrate your initiative on managing the mess as opposed to losing your energy and time on vehicle cleansing.

You could take advantage of special deals – it is not a trick that lots of firms provide their solutions at affordable cost instantly after the vacations. If you are planning to conserve cash and also still do the job, after that currently is the very best time to publication one. Certainly, you should not be stressed that the solution you are supplied will certainly be mediocre, as numerous business are major and also will certainly not endanger their job.

Guide To Galveston County Clerk Record Search

There are a number of public information which make reference to the in situation you need to do your research round the particular person’s lineage. One of those vital documents may be the marriage license. Such report supply you with the specific and full more understanding concerning the maiden name in the certain married lady that may greatly help visitors to uncover an individual’s heritage. Should you uncover and visit the health of Texas, you might want to look for some details result in locate numerous your relatives within the pointed out region. You can explore the Galveston County marriage record information for convenient solutions for that queries. Galveston County Clerk Record Search

You may also consult with the Galveston County Clerk if you want to possess a very physical copy in the specific marriage license. The pointed out agency also operates an online-based facility outfitted through an extensive database that everyone can browse public information such as the registry of marriage license issued within the district. The pointed out online feature contains marriage indexes which reveal essential details like the complete names within the happy couple, the date of standby time with the wedding permit along with the marriage license number. In situation you should get your copy in the marriage license, you can create a request by going to the above mentioned pointed out stated-mentioned office or send your demand via mail.

All marriage occurrences that happened within the healthiness of Texas are maintained using the Texas Department of Condition Health Services through its Public Information Office. The pointed out bureau provides to everyone, all marriage accounts from extended ago 1966 for the moment. You have to bear in mind the pointed out agency could only make verification round the particular marriage event. Meaning these office could only disclose information like the complete names within the couple along with the date and hang within the marriage. An authorized copy in the marriage decree could only be acquired inside the county clerk where the wedding happened.

You may also proceed with marriage verification online through approved online channels. Normally, orders made online have a very processing period that can take for roughly ten to fifteen business days. The right charges can also be stated web the price needs to be compensated via debit or credit cards only. It’s also worthy to notice that cancellation of request isn’t permitted particularly should you already received a confirmation in the order. When the record you’ll need isn’t found, you can’t expect returning in the payment you earn because the pointed out web resource includes a no refund.

The Galveston County marriage license records has become easily utilized while using the world web. The particular details which you should know round the particular marriage license is seen within the pass with flying colors the various web locations sanctioned using the condition to provide such details. However, furthermore, you will find individually-owned websites that may do just as much without charging you any cost or obtaining a small one-time registration fee to avail their expertise.

Dog Days

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Availability Of California Public Court Records

Any records identified as public in nature are accessible by the public people. This is with regards to CA public records and is mandated by the State itself under the CPRA or California Public Records Act. Under the State of California Government Code Section 6250-6270 or otherwise known as the California Public Records Act, all records that are in “writing” and entered into by the government in its transactions with the public or for public interest are public property and can be accessed by the public. The Act aims to ensure that government agencies or those employed by the State are held accountable. All records which are deemed public are available for examination during the normal operation hours of the agency. California Public Court Records

In the public’s interest, all records that are considered public include those records that were retained by the government in its dealings with the public and can be in any form. These include records that are in different media format. Another would be records that were kept in the Governor’s office during or after the 6th of January 1975. Records are available from different state agencies, bureaus, offices, departments as well as from the county clerks, municipal districts and other local agencies that served as agent of the State.

There are however exemptions to the law. The state clearly defines those records that are restricted from the public access including the following records (a) ongoing trial (b) personal records or records that invade one’s privacy, (c) regulations pertaining to banking regulations, (d) homeland security, (e) tax information of an individual, (f) circulation reports from the library and (g) employee reports. The law also prohibits the dissemination of personal information of the State’s employees. Access to the information is restricted to the entities as discussed in Sec. 6254.3 (a) of the CPRA.

To access the information or have a copy of the report, applicants are required to fill up a form. Each agency has their own forms and guidelines, which help, facilitate the request. The agency only has 10 days to ensure that the request is met. Certain fees do apply and depend on the agency that one made the request from. The State allows the agencies to charge certain fees to cover duplicate cost and other statutory fees that may apply.

In certain cases, the agency might not be able to accommodate the request made. Some reasons that the agency might give to the person requesting the information would be – (a) records are located in different office, (b) the request volume would require longer time to finish, (c) the reports would need to be discussed with other departments before being released and (d) the reports might require computer expertise to be retrieved.

For those who want to access government public records such as death, birth or marriage records, a convenient way to do so is to check through online sites that offer public records services. This is the most convenient way to retrieve information without having to wait for the results. Records are readily available and for complete details, one can access those records for a minimal fee, which is really a great value for one’s money.

Kittyer Men’s The Wild Swan Foy Vance Long Sleeve Cotton T Shirt

This Is A Men’s The Wild Swan Foy Vance Long-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt Made Of 100% Cotton.
Please Check Sizing Info To Ensure Your Size Prior To Ordering.Order Larger If You’re Between Sizes.
Any Questions,please Feel Free To Contact Us By Amazon Message System.

Product Features

  • 7-15 Business Days To USA By USPS
  • Brand New&High Quality&High Level
  • Other Colors Available
  • Please Check Sizing Info To Ensure Your Size Prior To Ordering.Choose The Larger One If Your Size.
  • Machine Washable (Recommended Hand Wash)

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WIZARD OF OZ by JC RICHARD Mondo 36″x24″ Movie Poster Print XXX /275

Mondo Presents WIZARD OF OZ by JC RICHARD Movie Poster Screen Print. This print measures 36″ x 24″. It is numbered 134 out of 275. Poster is hand-numbered. It is in Mint Condition.

Product Features

  • Grading Scale: Mint, Near Mint, Very Good, Fair & Poor
  • Posters come rolled in a plastic sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • Mondo Prints always include tracking and insurance (US and International).
  • Mondo Prints will require a Signature Confirmation. Please keep this in mind for delivery address.
  • Poster is in Mint Condition

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