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4 Movie Marathon: Cult Horror Collection (The Funhouse / Phantasm II / The Serpent and the Rainbow / Sssssss)

The 4 Movie Marathon: Cult Horror Collection includes The Funhouse, Phantasm II, The Serpent and the Rainbow and Sssssss. Chilling favorites from directors Wes Craven, Don Coscarelli and More!

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4 Movie Marathon: Classic Western Collection (Albuquerque / Whispering Smith / The Duel at Silver Creek / War Arrow)

The 4 Movie Marathon: Classic Western Collection includes Albuquerque, Whispering Smith, The Duel at Silver Creek and War Arrow. Starring Randolph Scott, Alan Ladd, Audie Murphy, Maureen O’Hara, Jeff Chandler and More!

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Product Features

  • Brand Name: SONY BMG MUSIC Mfg#: 888837927826
  • Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Manufacturer: RCA RECORDS/SBME
  • Genre: Country & Western
  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

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Redbox Movie Night Snack Gift Basket

Enjoy an evening in with a movie basket complete with a gift certificate for $10.00 from Redbox. The cute popcorn container also includes a large variety of movie theater candy including Dots, Cracker Jacks, Bottle Caps, Good & Plenty, Starburst, Act II Popcorn, Twizzlers & 2 popcorn containers. All the classics for a great movie night!

Product Features

  • Great gift for those family movie nights.
  • Great variety of movie theater candies & snacks.
  • Great as a Thank You, Birthday or a Get Well gift.
  • Certain items subject to change during summer months (May – Aug)
  • Expedited shipping available.

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The Kite Festival

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Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome! (Blu-ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet)

In the sloooooowest town in the world, four lucky kids are about to discover that life is better…in the fast lane! Meet Gage, Wyatt, Brandon and Rhett. Kids born to ride. Separately, they are seriously skilled racers, but together they become TEAM HOT WHEELS! When a mysterious black car roars into their town, it creates an incredible orange track wherever it goes, but it also creates insane transformations and rampaging monsters. Ride along on an awesome adventure as Team Hot Wheels discover their true inner racer, confront Mutant Machines, navigate chaotic track, learn to work together and race to save their town!

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Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

Elsa of Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen is ready to unleash her icy powers
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Elsa’s enchanting gown is a one-of-a-kind design
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Just Like in the Movie

Kids will love re-creating Elsa’s icy cool adventures in Arendelle with this delightful doll. Featuring true-to-movie details, Elsa wears the signature gown and “icy” cape fans of the film will instantly recognize.

Icy Cool Fashion

Just like Elsa’s cool magical powers, this outfit sparkles with details inspired by winter. Her enchanting gown is a one-of-a-kind design recognizable from the Disney movie. She wears an ethereal cape accented with sparkly snowflake designs over her satiny blue dress with glitter details.

Winter Wonderland Accessories

Wearing a sparkly cape, glittery blue shoes and her iconic blue tiara sparkling on top of her long blonde, braided hair, Elsa captures the magic of the film from head to toe. In this lovely look, she is ready to brave the ice and snow and find happiness for the entire kingdom – and herself.

Re-imagine the Magic

Kids will love playing out their favorite scenes from the film as well as creating new adventures for this elegant and enchanting character.

Features true-to-movie character details
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Product Features
  • Celebrate favorite moments from the Disney movie Frozen with Elsa of Arendelle doll
  • Elsa wears a sparkly cape with snowflake details and a satiny blue gown that fans of the film will recognize
  • Her blonde hair is elegantly styled in her signature braid

Product Features

  • Inspired by the hit new Disney animated film, Frozen
  • Girls will love reenacting their favorite scenes from the movie
  • Elsa sparkles in an ethereal gown
  • Features a gorgeous light blue gown with sparkles and sheer white overcoat
  • Includes 1 Elsa doll

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Movie Collection & Inventory

Product Features

  • Catalog and track your Blu-ray and DVD movie collection
  • View statistics about your movie collection, and add notes and personal ratings
  • Create a wish list of movies you want to buy
  • Import your movies in CSV format
  • Remember which movies you own so you don’t buy duplicates

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Making a Scene Featurette

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Murphy’s Romance / My Best Friend’s Wedding / Places in the Heart / Steel Magnolias

Murphy’s Choice – A gutsy divorced gal finds love with the world’s most eligible widower. A comic May-December romance starring Sally Field and James Garner. Places in the Heart – A widow struggles to save her farm during the Depression. Sally Field won an Academy Awardr (Best Actress, 1984) for her role in this stirring drama, featuring great performances by John Malkovich, Danny Glover, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan and more. Steel Magnolias – A warm and witty celebration of friendship, Southern style. Sally Field and Dolly Parton topline an all-star ensemble cast in this smash hit. My Best Friend’s Wedding – Two friends (Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney) go from an impossible possibility to an unimaginable reality in this romantic comedy.

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The Best of Patti LaBelle DVD Collection (20th Century Masters)

1. On My Own (with Michael McDonald)
2. New Attitude
3. Oh People
4. Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)
5. If You Asked Me To

The (included) InterActual Player may be installed and requires a DVD-ROM PC running Windows 98SE or higher, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Flash 6.0, an internet connection and a DVD decoder. These features will not work on a Mac or in a CD-ROM drive.

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Leslie Sansone: Walk to the HITS Party Songs

We’ve all heard it before. The most effective workout is the one you actually DO! So motivation is the key, and music is one of the best motivators. Great music makes your workout more fun and keeps you exercising because you LOOK FORWARD to it. That’s why Leslie created WALK TO THE HITS. Walk to the Hits features hit music and High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) it’s the perfect combination! Hit music pumps up your pace, and HIIT training alternates between bursts of all out effort and periods of recovery, allowing you to walk a shorter session and blast away as many calories as you would in a longer one.

A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness showed that women who completed a 12 week HIIT program lost more weight than a group who performed longer sessions of moderate intensity cardio. The HIIT group also lost MORE BELLY FAT. In short, walking to the hits using HIIT training is a sure-fire way to fire-up your walk! For this program, Leslie took some of her favorite party songs and combined them with fresh new Walk At Home moves to create a 3 mile walk like none other. It’s PURE PARTY ENERGY!! You know how the music you hear at the best parties makes you want to MOVE and just FEELS GOOD? Well this walk has it! It’s like a great, big calorie burning celebration!

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Start! Walking with Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk – Advanced

Stay fit and get heart healthy with a walk at home program!

ExerciseTV and Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home, in cooperation with the American Heart Association have produced an advanced in-home walking workout that promises to challenge even the most advanced walkers! In this 45-minute – 3 Mile workout, Leslie ramps up the pace to increase your heart rate, tone up the entire body and burn calories. This workout will take your fitness to the next level!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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Best Of Bond… James Bond, The (CD)

22 tracks of the Best of Bond from the James Bond movies! Includes classic detective spy music like’James Bond Theme’ [from Dr. No] with the John Barry & His Orchestra, ‘Goldfinger’ by Shirley Bassey , ‘Nobody Does It Better’ [From The Spy Who Loved Me] by Carly Simon, ‘View to a Kill’ by Duran Duran, ‘For Your Eyes Only ‘ by Sheena Easton, ‘We Have All the Time in the World’ [From on Her Majesty’s Secret …] by Louis Armstrong, ‘Live and Let Die’ by Paul McCartney & Wings, ‘All Time High’ [From Octopussy] by Rita Coolidge, Lulu, ‘Living Daylights’by Aha, ‘Licence to Kill’ [From Licence to Kill] by Gladys Knight, ‘From Russia With Love’ by Matt Monro, ‘Thunderball’ by Tom Jones and more surprises!

Product Features


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The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book

Are you tired of losing track of those login/usernames and passwords you create every time you visit a new Web site? Do you have sticky notes and scraps of paper scattered about your office and home computer space covered with these vital pieces of information, but never seem to be able to put your hands on them when you need them? Now you can keep important Web site addresses, usernames, and passwords in one convenient place! Introducing The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book! This time-saving, headache-preventing little organizer features:

  • Lots of space: 144 pages, including tabbed alphabetical pages
  • Plenty of room for all those Web site addresses, usernames, passwords, and additional notes
  • A spiral binding that allows pages to lie flat for ease of use
  • Handy elastic band closure
  • Pages in the back on which to record additional useful information, such as your home network configuration, software license numbers, and other notes
  • Removable label and discreet cover design
  • 4-1/4” wide x 5-3/4” high

Product Features

  • Are you tired of losing track of those login/usernames and passwords you create every time you visit a new Web site?
  • Now you can keep important Web site addresses, usernames, and passwords in one convenient place!
  • Introducing the Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book!
  • Plenty of room for all those Web site addresses, usernames, passwords, and additional notes.
  • Pages in the back on which to record additional useful information, such as your home network configuration, software license numbers, and other notes.

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Benefits or Cashback – Charge Card Options

An extremely typical issue you notice benefits charge cards commitment strategies or requested nowadays is that will be the greater, cash-back. The next is just a short clarification of the money back vs. rewards charge cards commitment strategies debate:

Cashback Credit Cards

As their title indicates, cash-back charge cards provide the opportunity to clients to recover a particular proportion of the charge card spending within the type of a cash-back cost. This cost could be created possibly like a credit about the stability of the customer’s charge card record or within the type of real money being paid towards the client.

In substitution, the money back being provided is generally for buying particular model-called items or for utilizing the card particularly shops. Hence, although it holds true that you’re obtaining a proportion of one’s price back like a money back incentive, the larger issue you ought to be wondering if whether you’d have bought the merchandise for the reason that store had you not been provided the money back!


Undoubtedly the charge card commitment plan that is popular may be the benefits system. Below, a card supplier will offer you a particular quantity of rewards points per limit quantities invested utilizing the card. In this way, the more spent the benefits you obtain, about the card. Inside a contract day that is specific, after this you have to trade the factors that you simply have gathered to get a prize.

The incentive could be within home items, the type of air-miles, or anyone of another benefits often put down in a catalog delivered to the card provider’s clients. The main distinction between the cash-back commitment plan and also your benefits commitment plan is the fact that the quantity spent, not the merchandise you purchase is often worked about by the benefits plan.

Benefits of the Prize Systems

A charge card having a productive incentive plan is frequently more useful, and more prevalent, compared to cash-back plan since the associated charge card business makes a specific amount of make money from its products. Should you invest $100 available did these products really charge the organization consider it? The revenue they create can elizabeth provided using the credit card’s incentive plan, maintaining clients satisfied. This can be at 50% of the incentive price when they just provided cash-back then.

Consequently if you’re able to select a prize bank card where you frequently store then as you are able to employ, i.e. a shop your most suitable choice within this discussion should be the incentive credit card plan.

Whatever your individual emotions are towards the money back vs. rewards charge cards commitment strategies, if you should be trying to get a charge card nowadays then it’s most surely inside your needs to make sure that you’re provided one or other of both commitment schemes regarding do normally might imply you passing up on a fantastic chance to have your charge card providing you with anything to get a change!

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Love Letters: A Rose Harbor Novel


In this enchanting novel set at Cedar Cove’s cozy Rose Harbor Inn, Debbie Macomber celebrates the power of love—and a well-timed love letter—to inspire hope and mend a broken heart.
Summer is a busy season at the inn, so proprietor Jo Marie Rose and handyman Mark Taylor have spent a lot of time together keeping the property running. Despite some folks’ good-natured claims to the contrary, Jo Marie insists that Mark is only a friend. However, she seems to be thinking about this particular friend a great deal lately. Jo Marie knows surprisingly little about Mark’s life, due in no small part to his refusal to discuss it. She’s determined to learn more about his past, but first she must face her own—and welcome three visitors who, like her, are setting out on new paths.
Twenty-three-year-old Ellie Reynolds is taking a leap of faith. She’s come to Cedar Cove to meet Tom, a man she’s been corresponding with for months, and with whom she might even be falling in love. Ellie’s overprotective mother disapproves of her trip, but Ellie is determined to spread her wings.
Maggie and Roy Porter are next to arrive at the inn. They are taking their first vacation alone since their children were born. In the wake of past mistakes, they hope to rekindle the spark in their marriage—and to win back each other’s trust. But Maggie must make one last confession that could forever tear them apart.
For each of these characters, it will ultimately be a moment when someone wore their heart on their sleeve—and took pen to paper—that makes all the difference. Debbie Macomber’s moving novel reveals the courage it takes to be vulnerable, accepting, and open to love.

Praise for Love Letters
“[Debbie] Macomber’s mastery of women’s fiction is evident in her latest. . . . [She] breathes life into each plotline, carefully intertwining her characters’ stories to ensure that none of them overshadow the others. Yet it is her ability to capture different facets of emotion which will entrance fans and newcomers alike.”Publishers Weekly
“Romance and a little mystery abound in this third installment of Macomber’s series set at Cedar Cove’s Rose Harbor Inn. . . . Readers of Robyn Carr and Sherryl Woods will enjoy Macomber’s latest, which will have them flipping pages until the end and eagerly anticipating the next installment.”Library Journal (starred review)
“Uplifting . . . a cliffhanger ending for Jo Marie begs for a swift resolution in the next book.”Kirkus Reviews
“Mending a broken heart is not always easy to do, but Macomber succeeds at this beautifully in Love Letters. . . . Quite simply, this is a refreshing take on most love stories—there are twists and turns in the plot that keep readers on their toes—and the author shares up slices of realism, allowing her audience to feel right at home as they follow a cast of familiar characters living in the small coastal town of Cedar Cove, where life is interesting, to say the least.”Bookreporter
Love Letters is another wonderful story in the Rose Harbor series. Genuine life struggles with heartwarming endings for the three couples in this book make it special. Readers won’t be able to get enough of Macomber’s gentle storytelling. Fans already know what a charming place Rose Harbor is and new readers will love discovering it as well.”RT Book Reviews (4-1/2 stars)

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Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar

In this sparkling musical adventure, Barbie stars as Tori, the kind-hearted princess of Meribella who would rather sing and dance than perform her royal duties. When her favorite pop star Keira visits the kingdom, the girls discover they have much in common, including a magical secret that lets them look like one another. At first, swapping places seems like a great idea, until each girl realizes that the other’s life isn’t as easy as it seems! But Meribella also has a magical secret, and when it’s stolen, the whole kingdom is put in danger. Will true friendship save the day? Filled with fantastic songs, fabulous fashions, and fun new friends, it’s an exciting musical celebration that shows the best thing you can be is yourself!Basically a modern variation on the classic Mark Twain story “The Prince and the Pauper,” Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar is a music-filled story about two high-profile girls, one a princess and one a pop singer, who appreciate their own fortunate circumstances, but sometimes long for simpler lives. Tori loves being a princess, but sometimes she wishes for fewer responsibilities and more time for fun–something she thinks her idol, pop star Keira, must have plenty of. While Keira is living her dream as a performer, she’s frustrated with all the time-consuming logistics her job entails. She wishes she just had some leisure time to write songs and relax–and leisure is something she assumes a princess’s life is full of. Tori and Keira meet and discover that, with a little help from a couple of magical accessories, they can switch places for a day. The girls find out that life is complicated whether you’re a princess or a pop star, but when they are prevented from switching back to their own lives before a big concert, things get really messy. Add in Keira’s manager, whose main concern is promoting his own career, and a dire threat to a hidden secret that’s vital to the entire kingdom, and the stakes suddenly become very high. This production is full of catchy pop music that includes a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” The program paints a glitzy picture of life in the spotlight that girls ages 3 to 8 will love–never mind that parents will swear they’ve heard this story before. –Tami Horiuchi

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I Can Be a Movie Star (Barbie) (Pictureback Favorites)

Barbie can be a movie star! This hardcover storybook collection casts Barbie in her first three film roles: glamorous countess, rodeo champion, and secret agent. It’s three books in one! Girls who love the highly successful I Can Be toys will love this I Can Be series.

Book Details:

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 7/13/2010
  • Pages: 80
  • Reading Level: Age 3 and Up

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Blown Away [+digital booklet]

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