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Episode 2

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Child Saint Multi Color Prayer Beads with Nativity Centerpiece 15″ Cord Rosary for Kids

Family owned and operated, Needzo’s number one priority is and always will be customer satisfaction. Thank you for visiting Needzo Gifts – where we have been working hard to find the most unique items not found in stores!

Product Features

  • Bead – 8MM – Moulded Plastic / Wood
  • Rosary – Cord 15″ L
  • Crucifix – Wood – 1 3/4″ H

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Marmaduke: Life After Film School with Tom Dey

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I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

The Whole McGillicuddy: All 9 Seasons! All 194 Episodes!
Fall in love again and again with the timeless comedy that entertains generation after generation. This special 34-disc DVD collection contains every hilarious episode of every classic season of I Love Lucy–from the Lost Pilot to the The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour shows. Join Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel for non-stop laughter as you savor every magical moment of the greatest sitcom of all time.

Includes all new special features including I Love Lucy: The Movie, the first Fully-Colorized I Love Lucy episode, I Love Lucy at the 6th Annual Emmy® Awards, highlights of Lucy & Desi’s First Joint TV Appearance, and hours of bonus features from the individual complete season releases!
Season Two

Season 2 of I Love Lucy includes two of the most famous half-hours in television history. “Job Switching,” originally broadcast mid-September of 1952, is the crazy, battle-of-the-sexes episode in which husbands Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley) trade roles with wives Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance), culminating in the men making a shambles of domestic chores while Lucy and Ethel take disastrous work at a chocolate factory. That’s right: This is the show where the ladies have a Chaplinesque experience with a too-fast factory conveyor belt, forcing them to hide candies in their mouths, in their hats, and down their blouses lest a tough forewoman fire them for incompetence. A half-century later, the scene is still so fresh and funny it would grace any current sitcom. “Lucy Goes to the Hospital,” which received an amazing 71.7 rating on January 19, 1953, is the historic episode featuring the birth of Little Ricky and a load of wonderful slapstick. Other television series (The Dick Van Dyke Show) and movies (Nine Months) have tried to top Lucy‘s time-to-go-to-the-hospital shenanigans, but there’s nothing like the sight of Ricky and Fred falling all over themselves or Ricky showing up at the maternity ward (direct from a voodoo-themed show at the Tropicana) in witch doctor makeup.

The other 31 episodes included in I Love Lucy: The Compete Second Season have choice moments, too. “Lucy Becomes a Sculptress” finds the ever-ambitious redhead falling for empty flattery at an art-supply store and commencing an ill-advised career working in clay. Ricky agrees to bless this new endeavor if an art critic says she has talent, but Lucy tries to increase her chances by posing as a bust of herself–resulting in mayhem, of course. The usual running themes in I Love Lucy–Lucy’s misguided desire to be a part of Ricky’s musical career, and her penchant for disguising herself to investigate something–are all over The Complete Second Season. “Ricky Loses His Voice” is a delightful piece in which Ricky’s laryngitis inspires Lucy, the Mertzes, and an aging chorus line to put on a Tropicana spectacle, and “Ricky Has Labor Pains” finds Lucy and Ethel going undercover as male reporters to find out what happens at a stag party. Lots to enjoy here, and the special features include bloopers, information about the guest cast, and snippets from Ball’s radio show. –Tom Keogh

Season Five

I Love Lucy: The Complete Fifth Season finds Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) making an international mess out of husband Ricky’s globe-trotting tour as an entertainer. Beginning with “Lucy Visits Grauman’s” and “Lucy and John Wayne,” the impulsive redhead risks Ricky’s sanity in Hollywood by stealing a cement slab, from the famous entrance to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, that contains the imprint of John Wayne’s footprints and signature. In the tradition of superstars playing themselves on I Love Lucy, an exasperated (and very funny) Wayne gets into the act over and over and over again, making new imprints on multiple slabs because Lucy keeps messing up the results. After more shenanigans in Los Angeles (Lucy attends a ritzy party with a dummy substituting for her unavailable husband) and a disastrous train ride home, it’s time to jeopardize Ricky’s success during an interview show that ends disastrously.

Lucy‘s fifth season travel theme continues when Ricky and his band are booked on a European tour that does not include his wife or the Mertzes. Of course, that doesn’t stop the determined Lucy (or Ethel), who schemes her way into Ricky’s plans, only to have a number of snafus arise as she tries to leave the country. In the I Love Lucy tradition, entire episodes are written around such simple matters as trying to get a passport, or helping with Fred’s fear of getting seasick while traveling. All this show’s stars really need is a ridiculous, open-ended situation to exploit, and the comedy flows from there. “Bon Voyage” is a particularly funny episode in which Lucy gets left behind by the European-bound ship carrying Ricky and the others, and she has to find a way to get back aboard. The hilarious “Lucy and the Queen” finds her angling in London for a way to meet the Royal Family after Ricky is invited to say hello at the Palladium. From there, Lucy creates chaos in Scotland (this episode includes a memorable dream sequence in which Ricky appears as Scotty MacTavish MacDougal MacCardo), Paris (where she and Ethel plot to meet guest star and good sport Charles Boyer at an outdoor café), Rome (the outstanding “Lucy’s Italian Movie” finds her dispatched to a vineyard, where she has to crush grapes–brilliantly–with her feet). Lots of special features, including a behind-the-scenes peek and bloopers. –Tom Keogh

Season Six

The sixth and final season of I Love Lucy finds new laughs in some old formulas while also expanding the hugely popular show’s horizons with a change of scene. Things get off to a familiar start when Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) gets in the middle of husband Ricky’s business–in this case, disguising herself as a hot dog salesman at Yankee Stadium in order to get near Bob Hope. Hope, she believes, has ignored Ricky’s offer to be the first act at his new nightclub. But, in fact, Hope had already agreed; Ricky was just sitting on the information to keep Lucy from getting typically ditzy in front of one of his celebrity pals. Not surprisingly, mayhem follows when poor Hope finds his hand slathered with condiments and his noggin bonked by a foul ball. Other celebrity sightings include Orson Welles, who copes with Lucy’s aspirations as a Shakespearean actress, and George Reeves, television’s Superman, who shows up unexpectedly, in costume, at Little Ricky’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Lucy–who didn’t want to disappoint the tyke–stands in a makeshift Man of Steel outfit on a window ledge, in the rain.

A number of episodes concern Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) now that he’s old enough to be a functioning character on the show. In “Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums,” the lad takes after his musician father and starts playing percussion, leading to some frayed nerves. A couple of episodes later, young Ricardo gets a bad case of stage fright at school, and Lucy suggests Ricky let him play the drums at the nightclub. (But then, of course, she has to figure out how to talk her son into performing.) A big change comes to I Love Lucy in the season’s second half, when the Ricardos decide it’s time to become homeowners and pull up stakes at their old Manhattan apartment. Moving to a nice, new house in Connecticut, they’re soon joined by Fred (William Frawley) and Ethel (Vivian Vance), and the season’s storylines take on a distinctly suburban flavor, with country clubs, barbecues, and gardens figuring into the comedy. With those developments, I Love Lucy came to a close after making television history as a much-beloved sitcom. Lots of special features, including multiple audio commentaries, flubs, lost scenes, and five episodes of My Favorite Husband, Ball’s radio show. –Tom Keogh

Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show

From Lucy-tormented Hollywood A-listers and bongo-propelled production numbers to archival goodies such as long-lost footage, there is much to love in this collection of all 13 episodes from The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show (also known as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour). Following I Love Lucy’s sixth and final season, these monthly (give or take) specials reunited America with Ricky and Lucy (and Keith Thibodeaux’s adorable Little Ricky, still living the country life in Connecticut. The expanded, hour-long format allowed for celebrity guest stars and excursions to far-flung locales, such as Japan and Mexico. Not matter where they go, Lucy can always be counted on to act, in Desi’s words, “a little crazy in the head,” which is how she winds up masquerading as Ernie Kovacs’ chauffeur in “Lucy Meets the Moustache” (an episode making its home-video debut), dangling Milton Berle from a construction crane in “Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardos,” or sparking a uranium uproar in Las Vegas in “Lucy Hunts Uranium.”

A highlight of this set is the first-ever home video release of the uncut version of “Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana,” a flashback episode in which Lucy meets Ricky on a “maiden voyage” to Cuba. She also meets future best friend Ethel (Vivian Vance) and her new husband Fred (a toupeed William Frawley), and goes overboard for her first celebrity sighting, Rudy Vallee. Because these episodes do not play as often in syndication, they seem fresher than their endlessly re-run counterparts. They are full of delights for movie, TV, and Lucy buffs, among them, Fred MacMurray getting “Uranium” fever, Maurice Chevalier singing “Yankee Doodle Boy” in the “Mexico” episode, prolific character actor Sid Melton as a bellboy in the “Alaska” episode, and a va-voom Vance decked out as maid and a dance hall girl, respectively, in the “The Celebrity Next Door” and “Milton Berle” episodes. Among this set’s prodigious bonus features include 1951 color footage that an audience member surreptitiously filmed, rediscovered scenes that were cut from the original broadcasts, and a filmed presentation to Westinghouse, which sponsored the series. If you don’t add this to your library, you have some ‘splainin’ to do. –Donald Liebenson

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Format: DVD
  • Box set; Black & White; DVD; Full Screen; NTSC

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Newsies Poster Movie 27×40 Christian Bale Bill Pullman Robert Duvall

Newsies reproduction poster print

Pop Culture Graphics, Inc is Amazon’s largest source for movie and TV show memorabilia, poster and more: Offering tens of thousands of items to choose from. We also offer a full selection of framed posters..

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed when you buy from Pop Culture Graphics,Inc

Product Features

  • Approx. Size: 27 x 40 Inches – 69cm x 102cm
  • Size is provided by the manufacturer and may not be exact
  • The Amazon image in this listing is a digital scan of the poster that you will receive
  • Newsies Style A 27 x 40 Inches Poster
  • Packaged with care and shipped in sturdy reinforced packing material

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The 1899 New York newsboys’ strike is the subject of this full-scale musical set against a stylized backdrop depicting turn-of-the-century New York City. In a series of rousing song and dance routines, choreographer/director Kenny Ortega chronicles the “newsies'” struggle with publishing mogul Joseph Pulitzer, their battering at the hands of strikebreakers, and their eventual triumph over the powerful newspaper establishment.

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Movie Set Clapboard Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Beistle 50715 Movie Set Clapboard. This is an actual working clapboard and is a great novelty prop for your Awards Night party. Item comes complete with chalk so you can write on the clapboard.

Product Features

  • This item is a great value!
  • 1 per package
  • Awards Night party item
  • Novelty – Movie for festive occasions
  • High Quality

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Movie Night Cutouts Party Accessory 3pc. (1 count) (3/Pkg)

Beistle 57464 Movie Night Cutouts (3 Count). These cutouts are really cute and fun! There are three colorful designs – a hot dog, popcorn and soda pop. They are 18 Inch tall, printed on both sides and made of board stock.

Product Features

  • This item is a great value!
  • 3 per package
  • Awards Night party item
  • Cutouts for festive occasions
  • High Quality

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Roger Waters – The Wall (Live in Berlin)

On July 21, 1990, Roger Waters delivered one of the most memorable rock events in history with an all-star line-up including Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor and the Scorpions just to name a few. Waters recreated li The Wall (Live in Berlin) seemed uninspired and gimmicky in 1990 but looks and sounds terrifically compelling on DVD, thanks to its vivid image quality and greatly improved audio mixes. The freshly mineswept Potsdamer platz–a once-thriving plaza destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943–proved the perfect place to mark the opening of the Berlin Wall with an all-star production of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus: a Wall for a wall. An unlikely assemblage of musicians augments Roger Waters’s impressive house band (led by guitarist Rick DiFonzo and organ wizard Nick Glennie-Smith), with everyone from the Scorpions to Joni Mitchell to the Military Orchestra of the Soviet Army getting in on the rock-opera action. Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, James Galway, Thomas Dolby, and Albert Finney all turn in tasty cameos, while Sinead O’Connor looks unaccountably aloof in “Mother.” The documentary is thorough and juicy, and producer Tony Hollingsworth offers an above-par essay in the booklet. –Michael Mikesell

Product Features


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The Wall

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One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, The Wall is renowned as Roger Waters’ Rock Opera dealing with abandonment and personal isolation. Featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe, the album also yielded the US & UK No. 1 hit Another Brick In The Wall Pt2., and was subsequently adapted for cinema by Alan Parker featuring Bob Geldof in the lead role. The new Discovery version presents the original studio album, digitally remastered by James Guthrie and reissued with newly designed Digipak and a new 28 page booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson.

The ‘Discovery’ collection: 14 Remastered Studio Albums

Since 1967 Pink Floyd have produced one of the most outstanding and enduring catalogues in the history of recorded music. All 14 original Studio albums have now been painstakingly digitally remastered by James Guthrie (co-producer of The Wall), and are reissued with newly crafted packaging and booklets created by the band’s long-time artwork collaborator Storm Thorgerson.

‘Discovery’ albums are designed as an introduction to the artist, with all booklets including full album lyrics.

Product Features


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Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook (A Funny Romantic Mystery)

Murder, suspense, sex—and some handy household tips.

***Buy THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK now, before it reverts to the regular price of $3.99!***

“Josie Brown writes with all the secrets, sex, money and scandal of an OK! Magazine cover…Truly entertaining reading.” — Jackie Collins

– Every desperate housewife wants an alias. Donna Stone has one…and it happens to be government-sanctioned.

– She earned it the hard way: her husband was killed the day she delivered her third child.

– To avenge his death, she leads a secret life – as an assassin.

– But espionage makes for strange bedfellows – and brings new meaning to that old adage, “Honey, I’m home…”


“This is a super sex and fun read that you shouldn’t miss!” –Mary Jacobs, Bookhounds Reviews

“It’s a fast-paced read, and the gadgets are awesome…The perfect combination of mystery and humour.” – Curled Up with a Good Book and a Cup of Tea

“…The chemistry between Donna and Jack is enough to set water on fire… A healthy dose of humor and ridiculousness in a book that won’t be put down – so go pick it up now!” – Cat’s Thoughts

If you love funny mysteries with savvy, sexy women sleuths, check out THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK!



THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK (Book 1) Every desperate housewife wants an alias. Donna Stone has one, and it happens to be government-sanctions. But espionage makes for strange bedfellows, and brings new meaning to the old adage, “Honey, I’m home…”


On Donna’s to-do list: First, exterminate a rogue operative out to assassinate the newly elected Russian President. Next: file for divorce!


‘Tis the season for mistletoe…and murder! There will be no peace on Earth if Donna doesn’t find a shipping container filled with heat-seeking missiles!


London. Paris. Guantanamo Bay. Donna Stone is looking for love — and terrorists — in all the wrong places. In this fourth full-length novel of The Housewife Assassin series, Donna Stone finds out that breaking up is hard to do. Then again, so is dating a terrorist, let alone eleven of them! Does this make Donna a serial dater, or a serial killer? Worse yet, an old flame gets in the way of Donna’s chance for true love. But she doesn’t cry…She gets even.


An NSA scientist has disappeared with a deadly plague virus. Donna and Jack must find him before it is unleashed on Fantasy island. But first they’ll have to deal with nude sunbathing serial killer, a Lord of the Flies ‘tween takeover, poison-dart throwing pygmies, and a hunt club with the most unusual prey. And you call this a vacation?


Donna’s executive mission is crystal clear: stop the assassinations of both US political parties’ presidential candidates. When she discovers she has a long-term vendetta with one of the targets, can she put her animosity aside long enough to save the candidate’s life—and her relationship with Jack?


Lights, cameras and non-stop action await Donna and Jack when they are hired as espionage experts on a movie set. There will be plenty of close-ups, and too many close calls as they use the movie’s many location shoots to track down crucial intel needed to take down the Quorum. But nothing—including a lascivious leading lady, deadly stunt doubles, or being on Interpol’s Most Wanted list—will stand in their way.

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Bed & Breakfast

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2009 Rose Bowl – USC vs. Penn State DVD

Relive USC’s dominating performance in the 95th Rose Bowl� Game Presented by Citi.�� Offensive Player MVP Mark Sanchez threw for four touchdown passes and a career-high 413 yards as Southern California crushed Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions, 38-24, to win the Rose Bowl� for the third consecutive year.� This official DVD includes the complete 2009 Rose Bowl� Game presented by Citi�, plus exclusive bonus features including the trophy presentation and College GameDay’s analysis and interviews with Mark Sanchez and Pete Carroll.

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Leslie Sansone: Walk to the HITS Radio Remixes

It’s a BIG Calorie Burning WALK CONCERT in your HOME!

We’ve all heard it before. The most effective workout plan is the one you actually DO! But with all of the demands in everyone s busy life, it’s not so easy to find the time and energy to exercise. Motivation is key, and music is one of the best motivators. Great music makes your workout more fun and keeps you exercising because you LOOK FORWARD to it. That’s why Leslie created WALK TO THE HITS.

Walk To The Hits features hit music and High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT)-it’s the perfect combination! Hit music pumps up your pace, and HIIT training alternates between short bursts of all out effort and longer periods of recovery, allowing you to walk a shorter session while blasting away as many calories as you would in a longer one.

A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness showed that women who completed a 12 week HIIT program lost more weight than a group who performed longer sessions of moderate intensity cardio. The HIIT group also lost MORE BELLY FAT. In short, walking to the hits using HIIT training is a sure-fire way to fire-up your walk!

For this program, Leslie remixed some of her favorite radio hits to a fitness beat and combined them with some fresh new Walk At Home moves to create one of the most fun 3 mile walks ever.

The high-energy gang of walkers, the music, the moves, the miles, the smiles …..It’s more FUN than anyone should have on a fitness walk!

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When Calls the Heart: Hallmark Channel Special Movie Edition (Canadian West)

Janette Oke’s beloved story of a young teacher moving west has captured the hearts of millions.

Nothing in her privileged eastern upbringing has prepared Elizabeth for the challenges of frontier life… Elizabeth Thatcher is young, pretty, cultured, and

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The Complete Love Comes Softly Collection

The Complete Love Comes Softly 8-DVD Collection in a Collector’s Edition Slipcase.

A woman’s dream to forge a new life for herself on the great American plains becomes a test of her pioneering spirit, her inner strength, and her undying faith. It was Marty Claridge’s dream to build her new life on the frontier with her husband. But when the courageous pioneer woman is suddenly widowed, she’s offered a new opportunity – to marry a widower in a marriage of convenience that leads to unexpected love.

Directed by Michael Landon, Jr., Love Comes Softly is based on the best-selling series of novels from Janette Oke, which has sold over 30 million copies. Love Comes Softly has aired on the Hallmark Channel, garnering record setting ratings.

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Fisher-Price Disney Baby: Minnie Mouse Pop-Up Surprise

Fisher Price Minnie Mouse Pop-Up Surprise

The Minnie Mouse Pop-Up Surprise will delight baby with adorable surprises while enhancing their fine motor skills. The pop-up features 4 Minnie Mouse characters; Fifi, Daisy, Minnie and Figaro. Each character features their own cute activation helping to develop fine motor skills. Toggle, turn slide or push to be rewarded with a pretty ditty and a pop-up character! There is even a handle for easy on-the-go play!

  • Recommended Ages: 6-36 months
  • Product Measures: 2.63 x 11 x 8 inches

Product Features

  • Toggle, turn, slide or push to be rewarded with a pretty ditty and a pop-up character
  • Features 4 Minnie Mouse characters: Fifi, Daisy, Minnie and Figaro
  • Delight baby with adorable surprises while enhancing their fine motor skills
  • Handle for easy on-the-go play
  • Fun for all girls
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, teaches about cause and effect, and more

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Disney Minnie Mouse Pop Up Hamper

The Disney Minnie Mouse Pop Up Hamper makes a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom, closet, or playroom. The pop up hamper is an easy way to maintain organization while adding a playful accent. Your little one will love to put away all their toys, books, clothing, and more in this spacious storage hamper featuring his or her favorite character. It’s made of 100 percent polyester with mesh siding and reinforced carry handles. Collapsible and lightweight, our pop up hampers are perfect for storing just about anything. When not in use, it can fold down flat and be tucked away. They are also available in other Nickelodeon and Disney characters such as Doc McStuffins, Spongebob Squarepants, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Never let children fold or unfold this hamper. This item is for storage only and should not be used as a toy. Children should not play inside of the hamper. Keep away from open flame. Easy to clean using a damp cloth. Discontinue use if frame is bent or broken. Do not drag hamper on the floor. Do not give to children under 3 years of age due to loose parts.

Product Features

  • Bright Minnie Mouse design with colorful number and bow graphics
  • Instant, portable storage for for toys, clothes, and more
  • Reinforced carry handles make it easy to carry and transport
  • 100 percent polyester with mesh siding and sturdy steel frame that collapses when not in use
  • Dimensions: 13.5-Inch L x 13.5-Inch W x 21.5-Inch H

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